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Croftland Business Development Services (Pty) Ltd (“Croftland BDS”) is a business advisory, investment, implementation and support services company.


We are focused on finding opportunities, funding and access to markets for previously disadvantaged small businesses, farmers and communities across South Africa, in support of the South African Governments Revitalisation of Agriculture and Agro-processing Value Chain (RAAVC) initiative and the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform’s various initiatives with reference to the agricultural and eco-tourism sectors of the eonomy. 


We firmly believe that the only way to positively impact and influence the lives of farmers, farmworkers, communities and their families, is to create sustainable businesses that will stand the test of time and be able to compete with the best on the global stage, year after year. This is the why we’ve come together and this is why our mission is to become the trusted business partner and advisor to farmers, communities, landowners, government, learning institutions and corporates, with a view to making a real and fundamental impact within the agricultural and eco-tourism sectors as we know it today.


It is vital that farmers and other communities who have access to land get the proper investment support, business tools, skills, advice and training, to establish themselves as credible, sustainable businesses in a globally competitive market. Having operated in the corporate world for many years, as well as having started and run a number of successful business ventures across multiple industries, the founders and directors of Croftland know all too well that the only way to succeed is through the sourcing and effective application of affordable funding for the delivery of feasible, sustainable transformation projects. A company can only grow if it offers quality, marketable products that meet customers expectations and gets to the market on time (reliablility).


Partner with us and let’s grow…together!


Croftland BDS is a Level 1 contributor with a 135% B-BBEE procurement recognition. View a copy of our latest B-BBEE certificate here.

we offer a wide range of services

Strategy development

We assist our clients in developing tailor made strategies to meet their long term goals and objectives.


We offer our clients access to skilled and knowledgeable resources to assist them in executing their business strategies and achieving their goals.


We offer project management services aimed at initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing out the work of project teams.


We assist our clients in finding credible sources of funding through the development of compelling and robust business plans.


We offer expert advice on general legal matters, and more specifically, in structuring of business entities and negotiation and drafting of all required contracts. 

We also offer professional mediation services and are fully qualified to undertake any dispute resolution or arbitration process.


We offer professional procurement management and consulting  services from source to pay

Our expertise spans strategic sourcing, commercial & legal negotiation, supplier relationship management and performance management.

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